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Holy S***

Oh wait, not holy, just s***. No joke. The worst trollsciences ever, they were either just copies of the most common trollsciences or they were not possible by any stretch of the imagination. Matter can not be created or destroyed, there's a finite amount of matter, gravity controls the atmosphere not surface level, I could go on and on and on.

Basically, this is something a 12 year old would have made. Oh wait, 12 year olds are probably the only people on this site anymore. I pop in for a minute for the first time in forever, and this is what I get.


I actually feel like a bad Christian to add this to my favorites, but I guess you can say good or bad things in that regard. Such as Jesus kicking so much ass.

Really good, and like I said going into my favorites. Super intense.


Creepy as always, and it is amazing. I beg you to make more! I feel like it was never completed.

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totally freakin awesome

best single lap time 23.9 sec total course time 73.2 for hard course w/ trueno. this game rocks!! make more!


i got a z+, with an a in phisical strength, c's in mental and experience rating, and f in emotional rating.
numbness is the path to survival!


kinda looked like the boy was doing hitler march... not too bad of a game.

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Very good

Again proving that you are one of the best musicians on this site, you managed to make this whole thing constantly changing while maintaining a similar feel for 4 minutes!

durn responds:

:) Thanks JCash. Had a lotta fun messing around with automation as a means of maintaining interest for this one. Really tried to keep the amount of melodies I used minimal and just changed up which synth they were on and what frequency range they were jamming in.

Good song!

I enjoyed listening to it, and I can definitely feel your inspiration for the song. I only don't give it a 10 because there were a few minor parts that I thought might have repeated a bit much, but it didn't detract from the song just limited it I think. I can't really compare it to your song Summer Solace because they are completely different styles, although I think that song may be your best work so far. Honestly it comes down to my mood I guess.

Also, I love how you interact with your listeners, that alone makes you one of my top newgrounds audio artists right off the bat!

Songs are tricky to review...

durn responds:

and so you reviewed my character instead. lol. ;)

ya, the main problem with this song, I think, is that I don't change up the progression style enough, follows the same 32-bar structure the whole way through.

:) thanks for the kind words, JCash-444.


Love it!! What music maker do you use? You should definitely continue to do this.

pabouchard responds:

Fruity loop for that one. Thanks!

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